NationWide Hiring Event

Private Military, commercial Security Provider, focusing on protecting U.S. based interest around the Globe.

Private military company, 200,000 K yr. (open to veteran’s only)  send: name, rank, m0s,

contact information : to attention: PMC




Hiring Event:
Accepting applications for 50,000 Security Guard and Patrol Service personal. U.S. service veterans are encouraged to submit applications. Veterans are highly trained and skilled professionals and are worthy of a lucrative salary. All prior law enforcement and security professionals are encouraged to submit an application Wages starting at:

Security Guards up to $40.00 per hour. LEVEL 1 THRU 5
Patrol Service up to $40.00 per hour.
Lead Guard Supervisors up to $50.00 per hour

Armed guards are required to possess a concealed carry permit.

Accepting applications for Project Managers and Company Representatives for foreign and domestic deployment.
Accepting applications for Regional Managers.
Please send resume to :
Blood Locust Inc.
P.O. Box 116
Pikeville N.C.




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General Requirements:
1. Unless prohibited by applicable law, each security officer shall meet the following general requirements.
2. Shall be at least twenty one years of age.
3. Shall be a high school graduate or equivalent , with at least 3 years of experience in security enforcement work.
4. Shall have the ability to meet and deal politely and courteously with the general public.
5. Shall speak; read and write English fluently, comprehend general orders and policy statements and possess the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
6. Shall be able to read , understand and apply printed rules and directions.
7. Shall maintain poise and self-control.
8. Shall be able to stand and/or walk for an entire shift.
9. Shall be capable of self -defense, to ward off a potential attacker or to protect a citizen from attack.
10. Shall be able to climb stairs, run and lift objects weighing up t0  50 pounds.
11. Shall be well proportioned in height and weight, and in good general health without physical defects or abnormalities which may interfere with the performance of duties.
12. Shall be free of any communicable disease.
13. Shall not arrest, not detain, or use excessive force.
14. Shall possess vision, correctable to 20/20.
15. Shall be capable of hearing ordinary conversations at 20 feet and whispered conversations.
16. Perform duties as specified in the guard post orders for the security post assigned.
17. Are properly uniformed and present a neat in appearance.
18. Perform their duties in a professional and customer friendly manner.
19.Be familiar with the security guard information manual. ( S.G.M.)                                                                                 20.Required CPR Certification.


Prohibited Activities:

1. Do not discuss duty assignments under the contract, except in an official business capacity with the Contractor’s point of contact and fellow Contractor Personnel assigned to the Contract.
2. Do not make statements about fellow Contractor Personnel, their family members, or members  of the general public with knowledge of the falseness of the statement or with reckless disregard for the truth.
3. Do not engage in disorderly conduct, use of abusive of offensive language, quarreling, intimidation by words of actions, or fighting.
4. Do not gamble, unlawfully bet, or promote gambling on Government property or while performing Government work at the Contractor’s site (i.e., office, football pools).
5. Do not possess or consume narcotics, dangerous drugs, marijuana or other controlled substances, except to the extent that the substance is lawfully prescribed by a licensed medical provider.
6. Do not consume and/or possess alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants while on duty and do not engage in habitual intoxication while off duty.
7. Do not solicit or accept gifts, favors or bribes in connection with the performance of duties under the contract. Report all efforts by others who offer such gifts, favors or bribes to the Contractors point of contact.
8. Do not discriminate or sexually harasses any person during the performance of duties under the Contract.
9. Do not engage in personal and business associations with persons known to be convicted felons or persons known to be connected with criminal activities.
10. Do not engage in criminal, infamous, dishonest, immoral, or disgraceful conduct.
11. Do not give false or misleading statements, conceal facts, in connection with obtaining or retaining employment.

Supervisors/Lead Guards will ensure:
*Perform duties as specified in the Guard Post Orders for the security post assigned.
*Are properly uniformed and present a neat appearance.
*Perform their duties in a professional and customer friendly manner.
*Provide daily briefings to guards on shifts.
*Responsible for filing incident reports and coordinating with the Project Manager to make shift reassignments as necessary.

Contact Info:                              JEFFREY W. PHILLIPS               (FEDERAL SECURITY CONTRACTOR)

Phone: 919-709-1246         Fax. 919-947-0303